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Why a Family Birthstone Necklace is the Perfect 2017 Christmas Gift

Christmas is fast approaching, every day it seems to be coming closer and closer. Even though it’s still on the far side of Thanksgiving, our time to find the perfect Christmas present this year is shrinking: fast. If you’re looking online it’s an even smaller window! With zero-hour still a month away the time to buy online is now. And I’ve got one very serious suggestion for you: a family birthstone necklace. If you need to wow your wife/mother/grandma this season, these are the perfect present to show them your love.

What is a Family Birthstone Necklace

A family birthstone necklace is a necklace that features more than one birthstone on a pendant. It’s either a pendant with multiple birthstones, or multiple pendants and stones strung together. Usually the birthstone is just the one that represents the owner’s birth month, or of someone who is very important to the wearer. On a family birthstone necklace the birthstone of everyone in the family is featured in one way or another on the pendant. There are other ways to do the family birthstones, like bracelets and rings, but something about the family birthstone necklace that really inspires and causes it to stand out.

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So what’s the birthstone in a family birthstone necklace?

The birthstone aspect of the family birthstone necklace is a special gemstone that is associated with each month, both for its beauty, and the historical significance behind the stone. When you give a birthstone as a gift you’re giving more than just a piece of jewelry, you’re giving a thought, a feeling, and a hope for them. For a family birthstone necklace you’re giving more than one thought and hope. You’re giving them all the hopes and prayers for everyone in your family.

Family Birthstone Necklace

  • January’s birthstone is a Garnet. The garnets we recognize are generally the Pyrope garnet, but they come in more colors like the Mandarin garnet, which is a glorious orange color, and the Tsavorite garnet which is this elegant and graceful green color. The garnet is a symbol of friendship when given as a gift to a family member or a very dear friend.
  • February’s birthstone is an Amethyst. Amethysts are quartz gems with a range of beautiful and rich shades of purple. There are really deep, almost reddish purples and up through lilac and almost blue tinted stones. The ancient Greeks believed that the amethyst promoted a balanced mindset and was used as a remedy to prevent intoxication and drunkenness.
  • March is the aquamarine, which is that unmistakable color of the sea. It can range in color from light and airy, like sea foam, to deep and rich like the sea itself. Over the centuries the aquamarine has been a symbol of youth, life, and overall good health. It perfectly echoes the turn of time from winter to spring with its color.
  • If diamonds are a girl’s best friend that goes double for anyone with an April birthstone. They perfectly symbolize love, and come in a wide variety of colors: from the white diamond we’re all most familiar with, to yellows, pinks, blues, and deeper more rich colors. Diamonds are also really useful stones when it comes to technology and hardware. Diamonds are among the hardest stones on earth, and are actually really accessible for manufactures. So don’t let anyone fool you, even if your birthday isn’t in April diamonds are an acceptable gift.
  • May’s birthstone is the brilliant green Emerald. There are over 10,000 shades of green, and Emerald is the most beautiful of the lot. Emeralds are actually among the rarest of the gemstones, and are most often mined in South America, and are the ultimate symbol of rebirth and love. Sounds like spring right?
  • June is one of the few months that have multiple birthstones, the Alexandrite and the Pearl. Pearls have been treasured for centuries as jewelry for their natural beauty, and Alexandrite’s are incredibly rare and prized for the way they change colors depending on the lighting. Either way, your family birthstone necklace is going to be spectacular if you’ve got a June birthday to plug into the settings.

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  • July is actually the home to the most valuable gem for its birthstone: the ruby. The ruby is a brilliant red color and the brilliance and quality of its cut and color can increase the value of the gem exponentially. Because of its rarity and it’s brilliancy it’s said that wearing a ruby bestows the wearer with wealth and great fortune.
  • August is another that is home to two types of stones as its birthstone: the Peridot and Spinel. Peridots are a limey-green kind of color that supposedly bestow power and influence over others when you wear it. So if your birthstone is one and you give a peridot to a loved one on a family birthstone necklace: you’re giving them a boost up at work!
  • September is the brilliant Sapphire. The most treasured is in the clear and rich blue colors, but like the diamond, it is available in dozens of different colors. Pink sapphire is especially lovely, but the blue stands out best in the emerging fall colors of September. In the middle ages people associated sapphires with love and trust, and people believed that it would protect you from harm.
  • In October Tourmaline and Opal take the stage. Both are unique for their multicolored features. Opals all have a 1 of a kind color combination that makes them as unique as the person wearing them on their family birthstone necklace. Tourmaline is a gorgeous gem that’s available in a rainbow of colors.
  • November is the last with just two birthstones. November birthdays are associated with Citrine and Topaz. Citrine is a beautiful warm color that echoes the colors on the trees before they fade. And the Topaz is usually found in that rich orange color, but is also available in a range of colors from blue to pink and yellow.
  • Ending the year with a bang are the December birthstones. For those born in December they have claim to 3 different types of gemstones as their birthstones. Tanzanite, Turquoise, and Zircon. Each are beautiful shades of blue that match up perfectly with the frozen winter-land that is December.

Special finishes for an already special family birthstone necklace!

Since the gems in each part of the family birthstone necklace are pre-selected by destiny for you, the finishing touches are what’s going to make the family business necklace personal and spectacular. 

Family Birthstone Necklace

Selecting the metal for the chain and settings is almost as important as the stones themselves. It’s more than just the colors of the gold and silver. Being picky about the metal isn’t just being picky, it’s having the eye for style that matches the colors of the gemstones, and the character of the wearer.


A family birthstone necklace is a great present for really anyone in your family, but especially for your mom, or grandma, someone who would love to carry around the reminder of their family, the strengths they give them, and the love. Check out Moonglow's awesome collection of necklaces here. 


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