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Your Perfect Moonglow According to Your Favorite Netflix Series

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Having trouble choosing the perfect piece of Moonglow Jewelry? Well, let us take the pressure off. We can reveal a little about your Moonglow personality by determining which Netflix series you love. Just match up your favorite series with your personality and read the ultra-chic Moonglow recommendations. Don't forget to find your moon after finding your perfect piece!

Orange is the New Black

Bursting back onto Netflix this summer, this edgy women’s prison genre series resumed July 27th. If you are a diehard fan of OITNB, you definitely see things a little differently than most, are not afraid to take chances and live every day to the fullest. Whether you are a Piper-esque good-girl turned bad, a Russian-mobster momma, or an off-center Crazy Eyes, there is no doubt that you love a life that doesn’t necessarily follow the rules. Moonglow loves your outlaw attitude and pairs your fabulous felonious spirt with our Pallene bracelet.

Stranger Things

Totally freaky with a side helping of retro, this psycho-kinetic drama is a binge-worthy rollercoaster ride. The sepia-toned eighties setting gives the show a sense of innocence which is partially corrupted by its melliferous underside. Fans of this show aren’t afraid of their dark side, believe in the unseen and quite likely, have some unresolved childhood issues. Embrace your own stranger thing and choose the moon phase piece that's a little retro, as awesome as Eleven and even glows in the dark (well, they all do). Get your freak on with our Night Sky ring.


The glamorous ladies of wrestling certainly have their own styles. GLOW is about showmanship, hardship and friendship. This critically acclaimed Netflix series deals with drama, intrigue and often uncomfortable topics. Devotees to GLOW speak their minds and fearlessly fight it out without smudging their lipstick or losing an eyelash. For those who are all elegance with a warrior spirit, MoonGLOW (see what we did there?) recommends the Mini Ituri in Rose Gold, which fits two moon phases.

The Crown

You don’t have to be anglophile to enjoy the melodramatic endeavors of Britain’s most famous family and their charming comrades. You do, however need to have a love for history, tradition, and an infinity for international intrigue. Launched in 2016, The Crown has enjoyed two great seasons with a third and fourth in the works. If this series is on your must-watch list, you are likely a traditional sort who is comfortable in virtually any situation. You are steadfast and loyal but not afraid to stand up for yourself. A true patriot, you love your country and countrymen. Moonglow's Charmed Simplicity necklace is the perfect piece to help you celebrate your nation with the moon phase of your country’s special date.

Nailed It

Happiness is knowing there is a cake in the oven - or maybe not, if you are a contestant or judge on Netflix’s wildly popular series, Nailed It. This sweet candy-coated show finds three hapless bakers competing to make and decorate complicated cakes under a strict time limit – with hilarious degrees of success. It is a show of fun, frivolity with a dash of decadence. If this series is one of your faves, you love to laugh, live, and love with boundless enthusiasm and joy. Celebrate your positive outlook with our Family Locket, and choose multiple moon phase dates that bring you joy to remember.


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