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Meet the Lunar You

Waning Gibbous + Leo

The Cosmic Caster

Born under the Waning Gibbous Moon

Sun in Leo

Moon in Pisces + Aries

The Lunar You at a Glance

Lunar Magic
Self Love

Self Care

Cosmic Calling


Illuminating Qualities


Lunar Love
Gift Giving

Quality Time

Your Lunar Personality

The Sturgeon Disseminating Moon is when the Sun in Leo trines the Moon in Pisces and Aries. In astrology, this means you have a Leo Sun with either a Pisces or Aries Moon. In astrology, a trine is a harmonious aspect of 120°. While the full moon is the climax of the show, the waning gibbous moon is the final curtain call where we take a bow then reflect on our performance.

Lunar Magic

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Did you know that La Luna has a synchronic relationship with our body, mind, and spirit? Well don’t we have some lunar magic to share with you! Lunar phases influence our biorhythms (cue why it rules our emotions). Pisces rules the feet while Aries rules the head and face. Feeling a little head over feet? Aren't we all! Leo, the ruler of the heart, is the sign associated with love. Aries is the sign of self while Pisces is the sign of soul. Add love with self + soul and that equals self love. So no need to rush for a date if you don’t have one already! May we recommend self care activities that have us feelin’ ourselves for the occasion. Deep tissue facial, pedicures, or sunrise jogs are a few ways to work with this moon magic.

Cosmic Calling

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Your cosmic calling is to cast the trends. Magic with a dash of dramatic, you have a powerhouse intuition— and babe, the Sun and Mars bring all the hot takes! Except you only show up and show out when you have the deets in order. You know how to read situations and people before they happen, which is how you get ahead. Neptune added to the mix explains why you, as the hot shot, are a dream chaser. Our show stopping Lions may cast or be casted in careers related to talent management, music production, recruitment, costume design, professional sports, or performing arts. For our logical Lions, forecasting is your forte— from business analysis, meteorology, astrology, broadcast journalism, punditry, or economics.

Illuminating Qualities

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You, the tenacious Sturgeon Disseminating Moon babe, are a luminous yet low key Lion. Neptune and Mars paired together explains why you dwindle your own fire. The inner flame shows up in what you love to do, which is why you’re more introverted than the typical Leo. Need not be fooled, as you’re the hot shot (and note the emphasis on ‘the’!). You’re incredibly determined yet introspective at the same time. Reserving your energy for the right occasion, sure— but when you’re ready to shine, may we say that you show up and glow up like no one's business.

Lunar Love Language

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You, the beloved Sturgeon Disseminating Moon babe, are not an open book when in love. You spend much of your time reading people and situations. Should we expect your love life to be different? Psh, no! Not only are you a bit selective and hesitant at first, your lionine heart is soft to a fault. You need a sneak peek of what you’re getting into with a potential lover before you’re ready to showcase them as yours. Once you find S.O.S., you’re a love struck Lion who is ready to bring on the warm (or heat, whatever floats your boat). You’re wholesome about how you express your love, whether it’s a personalized gift or thoughtful gesture. Hence, gift giving and quality time are your lunar love languages for this reason. Stargazing, romantic sunset walks, or nature getaways are a few things that make you tick.