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Born Under the Third Quarter? Here’s Your Lunar Personality

What do you know about your lunar personality? Yes, you read that right. If you’re thinking, “what on Earth is a lunar personality” boy, do we have something super interesting to share. Most people know all about their zodiac/star sign, which is assigned to them based on the stars in the sky when you’re born. Even if your horoscope doesn’t carry much weight with you, it’s always fun to learn something about yourself. 

If the stars in the night sky can potentially tell you something about your personality, it’s just logical that the Moon (which is always around, even if you’re born during the day) can tell you something too. And so, your lunar personality is based on what phase the Moon was when you first came into this world. 

Moon Phase Calculator 

First things first, if you don’t already know what the lovely Luna looked like on your birthday then you can use our Moon phase calculator to find out! We’ve slowly made our way through each of the lunar personalities, for those born on the waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waxing gibbous and waning crescent, so don’t worry if you weren’t born under the third quarter. 

All About You! 

Quick refresher, the third quarter is when the Moon is illuminated half-way on the left-hand side. This phase occurs after the waning gibbous just before the waning crescent. So, what does this phrase say about you? 

If you’re born under the third quarter, you are timeless. Like a classic film that is just remarkable, without even trying. You are so uniquely yourself that you do not need to follow trends and do not put much weight into anything mainstream. But this independence can sometimes be viewed a little cold or inattentive. Take care to listen intently in conversations and to continue to foster the important relationships in your life. 

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Being nestled in the waning phases means that you love to reminisce and tend to hang on to important people and sentimental places. This means that sometimes change can be a bit of a struggle for you, especially when It’s sudden. Understanding that things will always be subject to change, no matter the situation can definitely help you prepare for the surprises that life has to offer. 

Finally, your creativity knows no bounds and it’s not just artistic creativity, but you have a knack for problem solving, a brilliant mind for giving advice and even having to talk yourself out of a pickle. You really dance to the beat of your own drum and it’s something that we definitely admire about you. You’re basically in your own league, don’t ever forget that. 

It’s been said that the best is yet to come, and for those born in the third quarter, it’s your forties and fifties that are going to be your best years. Like a great wine, it’s going to take some time for you to mature and age into something extraordinary.

Whether you just found out you were born under this phase or just learned something new, why not celebrate this very special phase on one of our super cute pieces? Simply select your birthdate in our Moon phase calculator and then start shopping! Be sure to tag us with your #Moonglow moment for a chance to be featured on our socials. 


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