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Born Under the Waxing Gibbous Moon Phase? Here’s your Lunar Personality

When it comes to the phases of our lovely Luna, we know it can get a little bit confusing; although we all recognize that waxing and waning are associated with the Moon, it’s remembering where they all fit that can sometimes get us. 

Moon Phase Basics 

 Let’s run through the Moon phase basics quickly before we get into personality chats; we’ll start with a bit of lingo that will help you remember each phase the next time you look up to the sky:  

Waxing phases ~ the Moon is illuminated on the right-hand side as the phases move from a New Moon (otherwise No-Moon) to the Full Moon (we think about it like Wax-On, and reference the original Karate Kid) 

 Waning phases ~ the Moon is illuminated on the left-hand side following the Full Moon all the way to the New Moon. (we remember it like, waving goodbye) 

 Crescent ~ when the Moon has the shape of a single curve, specifically where the center is broad and then tapers off to a point on each end. 

 Quarter ~ this one can get a bit confusing; the quarter Moon is when we see half the Moon illuminated, and the two quarters are called “First quarter” when the white part of the Moon is on the right and “Third Quarter” when the white part of the Moon is on the left

 Gibbous ~ simply put, it’s greater than a semi-circle but less than a circle. 

 Based on the definitions, if we are covering the lunar personalities of those born under the Waxing Gibbous, we know that the Moon was greater than a semi-circle but less than a circle and was illuminated on the right-hand side as it was waxing. Now, if you were born during the day, you still have an associated Moon phase, as the Moon is always with us, smiling down on us regardless of the time. If you don’t know which phase the Moon was in when you were born, then you can find it here!

If you find out that you are not a Waxing Gibbous baby, either stay tuned as we will get through all the phases or check out the pieces we have on the Waxing Crescent, and Waning Gibbous.


Your Lunar Personality 

As for you, Waxing Gibbous-ers? Gibbous-ees? Let’s get to it. If you were born in that sweet time just before the Full Moon, you’re an absolute gem. Your positive persona is infectious; you have a way with people; you help them relax and feel comfortable. Whether with family members or loved ones, the relationships you participate in benefit immensely from your attention to detail and your caring heart.

Are you satisfied with life? Not quite, and this can either be your greatest strength or a weakness that you should evaluate and consider. On the one hand, it propels you forward; helps you aim high, and continue on your path to what you think success. But on the other, it can get you down sometimes, when there is no mountain to climb, or you can’t seem to get to where you want to be – this can lead to discontent. To shake that off, all you need to do is remind yourself of your achievements so far, take the time to celebrate yourself and the little things, and courageously continue forward.

beige background with text overlay of waxing gibbous

Just like Jennifer Gardner in “13 going on 30” (another cult classic we all love), you’ll get a lot out of life when you’re thirty, flirty and thriving. This is because those around you will be catching up to your maturity. Yes, you can have fun, but you have matured and see the world differently at heart. You will be appreciated for your many talents and that kind heart that many have taken advantage of in your thirties. If you’re past your thirties, even better, like a fine wine, be prepared to just get better with age. Cheers to you waxing gibbous babies; you make this world a better place.

Here at Moonglow, we cherish the idea that “Every moment has a Moon,” so why not celebrate the day you were born with a Waxing Gibbous on any of our super cute pieces? Be sure to tag us for a chance to be featured on our socials with #MoonglowMoment. 


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