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Can Jewelry Really Heal? A Guide To the Healing Powers of Jewelry

While jewelry is a fun accessory to wear that gives us a hint of glitz and glam to compliment our look, it could have other benefits that we’re not even aware of. Some people believe that the metals and stones that make up the jewelry that adorns us on a day-to-day basis has healing powers that can have a positive effect on our lives. In this article, we explore the supposed healing properties of different metals and gemstones as well as the science behind these beliefs. Keep reading to learn how your favorite sparkly pieces may be having an effect on your spirit and well-being as a whole.

The Healing Powers of Metals

There are myths that dictate that certain metals have different healing powers. Because metals are natural substances, it’s believed that they have their own unique vibrations that create energy fields. While each individual metal has it’s own specific properties, many jewelries are made up of a combination of metals, and even the most precious metals typically consist of a medley of metals to make them more durable.

Healing Powers of Jewelry



First let’s walk through the healing properties of silver, which is one of the most popularly worn metals when it comes to jewelry. It is associated with the moon, and is said to “mirror the soul”. It is also said to increase one’s sensitivity, particularly one’s psychic and intuitive sensitivity. Some believe that those wishing to encounter premonitions should wear this metal.

Silver is known to improve speech and bring eloquence to its wearer. Furthermore, it’s noted as a metal that can attract, enhance, and store the energies of a gemstone within its proximity, all while drawing out any negative energies that are present.

Medically, silver is believed to enhance the production of hormones in your body and can regulate the function of your glands. Historically, silver has been used in folklore to aid in healing ailments such as hepatitis, to eliminate toxins, and to relieve symptoms of headaches, nausea, and diabetes. Finally, myths believe that this metal increases the assimilation of vitamins A and E.

Healing Powers of Jewelry


The next metal that we will delve into is the ever-popular gold. Whether an item is merely gold-plated or is a solid 24 carats, it is typically considered to be one of the highest-quality of all of the metals you have to choose from.

In prehistoric times, gold was known to strengthen confidence and to be a symbol of wealth. Myths say that simply wearing gold is a way to attract more wealth, as long as you are envisioning yourself becoming richer as you wear it.

Some believe that gold wearers are more able to obtain higher levels of wisdom from universal sources, as long as they are open to it. Gold also is renowned for its protective properties, making it a frequent choice for talismans, amulets, and protective charms - many times in the form of a necklace or other piece of jewelry - to be worn on one’s physical body.

Additionally, gold has antibacterial properties, is anti-inflammatory, fights UV damage and works to fade sunspots and age spots, slows the depletion of collagen and elastin, and keeps your skin looking younger. This metal notably is known to stimulate lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. Historically, pregnant women were made to wear a gold chain around their abdomen in order to influence the fetal heart and the body fluids of the mother given the fact that it is known to aid in circulation.

Healing Powers of Jewelry


The last metal we’re going to focus on is copper. While people don’t frequently wear purely copper jewelry, this metal is typically mixed with others in the jewels we love to show off. This is another metal that has been noted as one that can improve circulation, increase energy, and detoxify the body. It is also believed to help improve your awareness and to expand your consciousness. Copper is regarded as a metal that can help strengthen the bond between people.

Copper is also noted to be a metal that is useful in the treatment of arthritis and is known to be helpful in diminishing sexual instability and low energy levels. It is also believed to alleviate cramp-like symptoms. Finally, legend states that copper belongs to the God Hermes, who facilitates mental agility, making that one of its healing properties.

Clearly, metals are believed to have a wide range of healing properties, meaning that your jewelry can have profound implications for your body, spirit, and mind as you wear your different pieces.

The Healing Powers of Gemstones

Next, let’s discuss the different healing properties of a few different gemstones. Gems are commonly regarded as mystical and are noted to have different “powers”. Keep reading to learn what some are believed to do when you wear them - from healing ailments to increasing mental abilities!

Healing Powers of Jewelry


Amethyst has properties of peace, clairvoyance, emotional protection, and sobriety. This purple gem, a variety of quartz, is believed to help its wearers stay grounded all while maintaining a higher level of spiritual perspective. Known to amplify intuition and to open spiritual channels, many believe amethyst is a gem to be worn during meditation to deepen one’s ability in the practice. Regarded as a healing stone, many believe it can provide relief from addiction as well as emotional trauma. It’s pseudonym is the “sobriety stone”, as many regard it as a cure for intoxication.

Healing Powers of Jewelry


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but what healing properties do they have? Well, they are known as the strongest gemstone, which hardly comes as a surprise given their strong shimmer. They are believed to bond people together and are regarded as a stone that is capable of providing heightened intellectual and emotional enlightenment. Diamonds are noted as a stone that can be used to harness energies of longevity, balance, clarity, success, and abundance. This is a stone that induces thoughts and can amplify strengths and weaknesses as well.

Healing Powers of Jewelry


For those who love to be pretty in pearls, you could be experiencing certain healing properties. They are pure and earnest, just as one would guess, and they are known to encourage openness, bring truths to light, and diminish destructive behaviors. These are regarded as the most feminine piece of jewelry, encouraging wearers to get in touch with their inner goddess.

The Science Behind the Story

While many of the healing properties discussed above are widely believed to be present in the mentioned metals and gemstones, there are some that are more skeptical of the science behind the legends. Medical doctors and scientists alike refer to the idea of crystal healing as a “pseudoscience” and state that there is no compelling evidence that suggests that crystals, metals, and stones can be used to cure diseases. This is because said diseases have never been found to be the result of what is referred to as an “energy flow” in the body.

Many scientists regard the powers of crystal healing to be attributed to a placebo effect. They state that while an individual may feel better after receiving a crystal healing treatment, there is no scientific research or proof pointing to the fact that this improved feeling is actually due to the use of crystals themselves.

But even so, it is still widely believed that metals, crystals, and gemstones have healing abilities and mystical properties to them. Keep this in mind as you wear your favorite pieces of jewelry, connecting to the specific meanings behind each piece, and perhaps you can benefit from these properties yourselves. Healing or not though, you don’t need science to tell you that the jewelry makes you look amazing!


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