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Dreaming of the Blue moon

Whether you’ve heard it in a song, mentioned in a movie, or had one of your parents explain that something only happens once in Blue Moon, the phrase has slowly made its way into pop culture and our daily lives. Usually meaning rare, or maybe a tad absurd, the point is we can bet you’ve heard it one way or another. But pause. You may find yourself questioning whether or not there ever is an actual blue Moon? 

A quick google search will tell you that unfortunately, the Moon stays consistently it's bright white; but there have been some super rare exceptions says NASA. When an Indonesian volcano named Krakotoa erupted (in the late 1800s), and ash rose high into the atmosphere scattering light it gave the Moon an actual blue hue (but sunsets were also reported to be firetruck red and sometimes lilac colors, so not a normal occurrence). There have been other chance instances where natural disasters, like fires, have also caused the light coming through our atmosphere to make the Moon look blue ~ but sadly it’s never actually blue. 

By definition, there are two ways that we can define a “Blue Moon”. Modern folklore tells us that because the cycle of the Moon is roughly 29 days long, we see one full Moon per cycle and most of our months are 30 to 31 so a second full Moon can sneak into the mix. And voilà, there is your first and frequently used understanding of the “Blue Moon”: a second Full Moon in a single calendar month. 

Now the second definition is a little more complicated. It can be defined as an extra Full Moon that is added into the expected three Full Moons per season – as we usually see a total of 12 per year. It is added in as the 3rd of 4 so that the pretty names we have for the different Full Moons aren’t messed with (think Snow Moon, Blueberry Full Moon, etc.). Overall, the main message is that this term is applied and synonymous with something uncommon regardless of when it is occurring. 

But if you’re still dreaming of a Blue Moon and love the idea different take on the brilliant white we normally see, then we have an exciting tidbit to share with you! If your special date lands on a New Moon phase we don’t just send you a blank piece of jewelry – obviously. INSTEAD! The New Moon phase is displayed as a beautiful Blue Moon. 

So Moonbabes, if you want to add a touch of blue to your next piece of jewelry then when you use our Moon phase Calculator enter April 9th, 2021 to shop using the New Moon (aka the blushing Blue Moon). 

Did you know in 2021, we actually have a really impressive Lunar lineup? Featuring 12 Full Moons, 3 Super Moons (March 28th, May 26th, and June 24th), a Blue Moon (August 22nd), and not one but two lunar Eclipses (May 26th, Nov 18th-19th)! Get your calendars out so that you don’t miss any of the spectacular things our favorite celestial body has in store for us this year. And if you happen to outfit your next Moonglow piece with a ~blue Moon~ be sure to tag us with your #MoonglowMoment for a chance to be featured on one of our social pages! 


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