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Moon Phases 101: Your Guide to the Waning Crescent

Welcome Moon muses to another installment of our mini-series on the Moon phases. We obviously love each and every phase of the Moon; we could never choose a favorite. Every phase has its own unique meanings, science, and superstition and in this installment, we are covering the Waning Crescent and all its magical fun. 

The Science Basics 

Waxing and waning go hand in hand whenever you’re talking about the Moon phases. That’s because each phase between the new moon and the full moon is considered to be waxing, which means that it’s getting bigger, or we can see more and more of the Moon illuminated each night. While all the phases following the full moon until the Moon is completed hidden from us (during the new moon) are considered to be waning, meaning we see less of the Moon illuminated each night. 

That means that the waning crescent falls between the full moon and the new moon.  Specifically, we see a waning crescent following the third quarter and before the new moon, when the lunar disc is illuminated on the left side. Did you know that during this phase the illumination of the Moon goes from 49.9% to 0.1%? You do now!

As for the crescent, think of the Cheshire Cat in Alice and Wonderland, that’s the shape we are talking about. In more formal terms a crescent is defined as a curved shape that has two narrow pointed ends. Many illustrations that depict the Moon often favor this shape! 

The Waning Crescent and You 

We love the idea of aligning ourselves with the Moon phases, it means that during each phase there are different things that we can focus on and give our attention to. The waning crescent is a call to let go and begin preparing to give yourself and your life a bit of a refreshing. 

During this phase, we love a deep clean for our homes, workspaces, and environments. There is no better feeling than beginning again in a space that has been tidied and cleaned. The waning phases in general can be seen as the “self-care phases” and during the waning crescent take the time to reflect on things, ideas, behaviors, people, and relationships that are no longer serving you. It’s time to make adjustments for yourself and ensure you are making your happiness the highest priority. 

We know that sometimes self-reflection and refreshing aspects of your life can be challenging. But don’t forget to take a look at the Moon during this time, as you will see the Moon in its crescent smiling down at you and cheering you on. 

Do any of your special dates fall on a waning crescent? If you don’t know then we have the perfect solution. Simply enter your important dates into our Moon phase calculator to see what phase the lovely Luna was in on that day! If you want to learn more about the phases head over to the Musings from the Moon blog where we cover all things Moon and astrology related.  


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