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Moonglow Presents: The Gift Guide for Everyone We Love in Our Life

When we say Valentine’s Day, almost immediately images of chalk heart candies (you know the ones with love notes), cards asking, “will you be mine?”, roses, chocolates and maybe a little bit of pressure comes to mind. In recent time much of Valentine’s Day has been catered to couples, causing the rest of us well, to have mixed feelings. Bet you didn’t know that Valentine’s Day and the writing of sweet love notes, celebrating our special relationships, well it has been a thing for at least 700 + years. 

The history of V-Day is a little murky, we know that there were at least two men named Valentine that were later proclaimed saints as they were both executed on February 14th of different years (that’s where the Saint part comes in). We also know that the Ancient Romans were partying mid-Feb celebrating Lupercalia, purifying the city all while releasing health and fertility. We also know that in some countries, mid-Feb is when certain birds begin mating. Put those together and you have the roots of the modern holiday with one difference: the love that was celebrated was not exclusive to lovers or couples. 

Instead, it was a chance for everyone to celebrate all those who they loved. And we can definitely get behind this approach because love doesn’t only exist among couples! That feels so obvious, doesn’t it? We think so. And so, we’ve curated a gift guide that is sure to have something for everyone. Share a little love this Valentine’s Day with Moonglow. 

From the new and dreamy Toujours Collection 

Atlas Link Necklace in Stainless Steel & Gold A sleek link chain and a minimal heart that showcases the Moon from any date of your choice. This necklace is perfection. Each of the dainty links represents limitless love, the kind that never falters and never fails. Named after the Greek God of strength, endurance, and surprisingly astronomy – definitely a fan of the Moon. This necklace speaks of love and strength, remind you of anyone in your life? Well, perfect present then. 


Wholesome Heart Necklace in Stainless Steel & Gold 

Snake chains might be our current fav when it comes to necklaces. Soft and subtle it’s the heart pendant that really shines in this beauty. Your Moon is front and center, so it’s quite the showstopper. For some extra sentiment, you can add an engraving, say something more with a word, a date, or a number. 

Philautia Rainbow Bracelet with Gray leather band 

Pronounced fil•oh•tee•ya, it is one of the eight types of love, specifically the love and self-compassion towards oneself. A responsibility we all have to care for our well-being and to recognize our self-worth. Being proud. Celebrating all members of the LGBTQ+ community with a pride flag charm that surrounds a Moon pendant showcasing a phase from an important date. Show your support with a gift that will make someone’s heart swell with happiness. 

A Few of Our Favorites: 


Engravable Ring in Gold or Silver 

Just like a cherry on top of a Sunday, this ring is a final flourish. A chic design that can be dressed up or dressed down, stacked with other rings, or worn alone. Plus, who loves a good engravable piece? We sure do. 

Woman on the Moon Wristlet 

This is the must-have piece for a certain someone who is constantly shooting for the Moon. Celebrate them with this clean and delicate bracelet that is comfortable and just plain pretty. Pick a date that is special to the two of you or one that you know will make them smile every time they look at it! 

We hope this Valentine’s Day is as sweet as you are, and we hope it’s lovely. Don’t forget to tag us with your #MoonglowMoment for a chance to be featured on our socials. Xoxo!


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