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New Moon Rituals to Foster Abundance This Month

Get a fresh start this month by clearing your mind of the clutter. It’s about bringing the focus back on your intentions and letting go of the distractions.

Using the phases of the moon as a guide to manifesting intentions, making decisions, and fostering abundance can be a helpful system to organize and achieve your goals. It’s often said that a new moon brings new beginnings making it a great time to reflect on the past weeks and reinvigorate your intentions.

Prepare for the month ahead…

by tidying up. An organized space (*note: not minimal, thank you very much Marie Kondo -- unless minimal is your preference) is the best space to clear your mind and bring renewed energy to your intentions. So tidy up your workspace or whatever place brings you peace and energy, and -- dare I say -- sparks joy. Clear out the cobwebs and dust bunnies and set the scene you need to create your path to abundance.

Define your abundance.

Identify what’s most important to you today or what you feel you need the most to bring about a sense of abundance. Is it the closeness of family time? The fun of friendships? The fulfillment of a career? The love of a soulmate? For most, all of these things are important parts of an abundant life. Set aside a time to reflect and prioritize the things you need in your life to feel abundance.


Visualization is a simple way to boost mood, confidence, and results. It’s a mental exercise that takes practice but the psychological benefits are proven and well worthwhile. If you’ve ever imagined yourself having achieved your ultimate happiness and all the feelings, the senses, and what you would actually see in that moment -- you’ve practiced visualization. It’s about immersing yourself in the moment of achievement and using that positive energy to make what’s possible a reality.

Each new moon, take the time to clear out the things holding you down, prioritize what’s important to you, and visualize your life in abundance to help you propel the actions of the next month in that direction.


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