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Once in a Blue Moon

Two Supermoons in the Month of August


We all get graced with a sweet treat this month with not one, but TWO supermoons during the month of August. This rare phenomenon is also know as a “Blue Moon”, hence the phrase, “once in a blue moon”. This astrological event is a must-see for all of us skywatchers and moon lovers. The first moon will occur tonight, August 1st, and the second full moon will occur on August 30th. 


Normally each month only sees one full moon as the moon takes approximately 29.5 days to complete the lunar cycle. This event occurs as our calendar and the lunar months have discrepancies at times which leads to a double full moon every two to three years. The first moon we will see is referred to as a Full Sturgeon Supermoon and the second moon at the end of the month is the Full Blue Supermoon. 


We have created an exclusive collection to celebrate this rare phenomenon with our special blue moon in select jewelry pieces. These will be available during August for you to join in on the fun that is a double full moon month!                                                                


Mark your calendars, take a step outside tonight, and enjoy the beauty of this astrological event. 


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