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What Your Birthstone Says About You

It’s uncommon to meet someone who doesn’t know their astrological sign; they may even know a little something about what it means. Just the same, many people will know exactly what their birthstone is. The really question is though, do they (and do you) know the meanings behind these special gemstone signifiers?


The deep red garnet, resembling the color of pomegranate seeds, is named as such because the word, through several iterations, can be traced back to ‘granum,’ Latin for seed. The garnet symbolizes faithfulness, constancy, and calmness. It is thought that those born in January make good friends and companions.


Greek mythology tells a tale of a young virgin who transformed into a quartz stone to escape the wrath of Dionysus, the god of wine. When he realized what he had done to the innocent girl, his tears overflowed the wine in his cup, spilling onto the stone and turning it into a purple amethyst. Historically, this purple stone symbolized royalty and was thought to prevent intoxication. Now, it’s considered the “healer’s stone” and symbolizes generosity, protection, and healing. If you’re a February baby, you may have the heart of an advocate, a protector of the people.


The soothing blue of Aquamarine is cool and calming, like the ocean on a quiet day. As a symbol of knowledge and fighting fear in its mythological roots, early sailors believed it gave protection from ocean dangers. And just like a walk on the beach, it provides mental clarity and a sense of peace. If you were born in March, it’s likely that you’re a good communicator who is honest and trustworthy with the ability to help people ease their minds.


Probably the most well-known and popular stone, the clear shining diamond is the symbol of everlasting love as well as purity, innocence, courage, and eternity — all elements of discovering that everlasting love. Being the hardest and most durable stone, it’s said that those born under the protection of the diamond are as strong as the gem itself, with an unbreakable spirit that’s capable of overcoming adversity.


A favorite of Cleopatra’s, the emerald stands for ambition and prosperity, as well as wisdom and patience. It’s also associated with fertility and love and was once even dedicated to Venus, the Roman goddess of love itself. The emerald baby is ambitious and well-spoken, wise and focused.


A longstanding symbol of purity, the pearl was also dedicated to a goddess of love, but this time to the Greek Aphrodite. And though not as popular as the diamond in marriage, the pearl suggests stable relationships. Those born in June are creative, thoughtful, and have strong integrity.


Unsurprisingly, this fiery gem stands for love and passion — not only romantically, but in all aspects. Some cultures consider this stone to be the “king of gems.” Ruby-born folks are action-oriented, radiate energy and enthusiasm, strong emotions and courage.

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The peridot is for our energetic and outgoing summer babies. The friendly, welcoming light green-gold stone is a symbol of inner strength and confidence, perhaps this is the reason those who claim the peridot as their birthstone are so often open and unafraid to be themselves.


The sapphire is best known for its brilliant blue, but it’s also found in pink, white, and yellow. As a symbol of wisdom, dignity, loyalty, and a purity of spirit it was a favorite of kings. If you were born under the September moon, you’re likely to be humble and intelligent and have a knack for identifying the difference between those that are genuine and fake.


The opal is a protection stone. It was believed to protect the wearer and drive away evil. Having the radiative qualities of the aurora borealis, the beautiful stone is a symbol of enthusiasm and spontaneity. Those born under the October birthstone are faithful, confident, and positive, making them good leaders and mentors.


If you are compassionate, hopeful, thoughtful, and possess mental strength beyond most, topaz may be your birthstone. It’s connected to wisdom, strength, and serenity. All these qualities make you a generous friend with an amazing capacity for forgiveness.


Last but not least, the earthy turquoise makes our December friends peaceful, positive, and loving. It’s also a symbol of good fortune and success. If you’re born under this beautiful stone, you are free-spirited but still very much in control and good at what you do.

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