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Your Moonglow Style Guide

Here at Moonglow, we are experts in unique moments that matter; we craft jewelry that is personal and means something distinct to each of our Moonbabes. That’s why we try to create pieces for different types of styles as we know that personal style can be just as unique as your Moonglow moments. 

We’ve pulled some of our favorite pieces that coincide with popular styles for the upcoming summer season. If you’re looking for a sign to treat yourself, a loved one, or your bestie then this is it. Get inspired by your personal style. 


The Layers of Love Set

The Layers of Love are our newest addition to our Moonglow collections. With three layers you get to customize a set that is both super sweet and dainty. For a feminine vibe, we would select either the Aurora Choker or the Nova Herringbone Chain. 

Astral Birthstone Satellite in Stainless Steel

One of our classic pieces remade with a new yet special twist; instead of a Moon, this necklace features the constellation of your zodiac. A soft and subtle pop of color is brought by your birthstone, the finishing touch that makes this necklace irresistible. 

Mini Moon & Engravable Ring Set in Gold 

A match made in heaven – the mini Moon and engravable ring set in gold is what any outfit needs to be complete. Using our Moon phase calculator choose a date that you never want to forget, and you’ll always smile when you look down at your ring. Then choose to engrave a name, date, or word to compliment your Moon.



Pallene Bracelet in Silver 

Effortless, easy, and a long-time Moonbabe favorite, this bracelet is as classic as classic gets. We adore the light chain band that brings something unique to this piece without taking the focus away from your Moon. 

Layers of Love Wholesome Heart in Gold

Three layers come together in this set for sheer perfection. The Wholesome Heart necklace showcases a snake chain and a heart pendant with your Moon at its center. If you’re loving a classic style right now, then we suggest you include either the Bold Wheat chain or the Celestial Curb Chain to complete the look. 

Moonrise Ring in Stainless Steel 

A timeless design that will never go out of style. The Moonrise ring is simple yet the epitome of class. It’s bold and beautiful. You’ll find yourself looking down at this ring all the time and it will always put a smile on your face. 


Astral Starlight Cuff in Gold 

This open cuff will be the piece you’ll always be rocking this summer. Featuring a star on one end and a charm of your constellation on the other, we absolutely adore it. If you find yourself staring at the night sky in awe of the stars... well then, this is the piece for you.  

Tetrad Necklace in Rose Gold 

Thin sliding cable chain + 4 Rose Gold pieces framing your Moon = the piece you didn’t know you needed. We love the Tetrad Necklace with its edgy design and Moon pendant, you’ll find this piece can either be worn on its own or layered in with your other Moonglow favorites. 


Cosmic Spiral Ring in Gold 

Wrapping gently around your finger with a Swarovski crystal on one end and a Moon from any date of your choosing on the other, this ring is what Boho dreams are made of. Its unconventional design is both eye-catching and simply beautiful.

Layers of Love Stella Set in Stainless Steel 

Harness the powers of your lucky stars. The Stella Necklace includes the symbol of your zodiac alongside a Moon charm with the Moon phase from any date. To complete the boho-vibe we suggest including the Solar Link Chain in your Layers of Love set. 

Astral & Humboldt Bracelet in Charcoal 

One of the 12 zodiac constellations is paired with a genuine leather strap that looks great on everyone. We love the idea of pairing this bracelet with your other Moonglow styles bringing metals and leather together. A showstopper that is both adjustable and super comfortable. 


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