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Musings from the Moon

The Leo Edit

Summer is in full swing, and we couldn’t be happier. We are living for the endless summer this year and enjoying every last minute of it. With the summer sun...

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The Cancer Edit

The height of summer is upon on. And we can’t get enough of it this year. From being able to socialize again and soaking in the sun, we want to...

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The Gemini Edit

Show of hands, who is super excited that summer is just around the corner? We are so ready to soak in the sun and to celebrate the season of the...

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Your Moonglow Style Guide

We’ve pulled some of our favorite pieces that coincide with popular styles for the upcoming summer season. If you’re looking for a sign to treat yourself, a loved one, or...

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Your Guide to Layers of Love

Let’s discuss layers. We see layered jewelry everywhere, and it is a trend that has no intention of ever stopping. In true Moonglow fashion, we wanted to give this trend...

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The Taurus edit

“I said Brr! It’s cold in here, I said there must be some Toro’s in the atmosphere” Anyone remembers that very famous cheer from the pop culture classic Bring it...

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